"Harmonious Parenting with Bach Flowers"

Course - Learn Bach Flower Remedies plus Parenting Techniques in Marathi

Learn practical techniques for selecting and using Bach Flower Remedies.

 This course is designed to effectively deal with Parenting challenges

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In today's fast-paced world, parenting often presents intricate and demanding challenges. This is where Anagha truly wants to help parents. 

Course Features

  • Strengthening Bonds: Learn how to connect more deeply with your child.
  • Bach Flower Remedies: Discover natural solutions for emotional balance in your family.
  • Effective Parenting: Acquire practical techniques to manage behavior problems, build your child's self-confidence, tackle issues such as screen addiction, academic struggles, distractions, bullying, early relationships, and ignoring parents guidelines or back answering.
  • Addressing the emotional needs of both the child and the parent is a crucial aspect of holistic care. Learn to make Personal Mix to get relief from Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Frustration, Regret, Overthinking, Procrastination and emotional challenges of any types.  
  • Hands-On Learning: Learn using Bach Flower remedies to tackle emotional challenges your child might face. Identify and comprehend the underlying causes of emotional challenges.
  • Well-Being for Everyone: Embrace a holistic parenting approach, with a strong focus on the emotional health of your entire family.
  • Learn the Art of Harmonious Parenting: Enhancing Parent-Child Bonds with Bach Flower Remedies.
  • PDF Notes on Bach Flower Remedies in English & Marathi

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to Select and use Bach Flower Remedies

Our online program provides a thorough understanding of Bach Flower Remedies, covering topics such as the history, philosophy, and practical applications. You will gain in-depth knowledge about each remedy, their properties, and how they can be used to restore emotional balance and well-being.  Whether it's managing stress in parenting, navigating family challenges, or coping with emotional strains, you'll be equipped with the right remedies to face any difficulty as parents of special children.

Discover the joys that exist in everyday Life

Each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. By addressing emotional imbalances like resentment, stress, anxiety, and self-doubt, these remedies help you embrace joy in everyday moments, making your life more meaningful. Find your personal peace and well-being by selecting appropriate Personal Mix combination. 

How to overcome all challenges ?

By taking appropriate Bach Remedies, one can break free from negative emotions naturally. As individuals experience emotional healing and improved well-being, they become happier in a more sustainable manner. They are better equipped to handle life's ups and downs, leading to a happier life overall.

Effective Parenting Insights

Discover the everyday joys through treasured moments and close bonds. Cherish quality time spent together, for it weaves the threads of happiness into the fabric of your daily life, making it truly meaningful.

Invest in Wellbeing of your Family

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Helps your loved ones
Comprehensive knowledge for holistic well-being and emotional balance
Effective use of Remedies by learning about Mindset, Personality, and Temperament 
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Course Curriculum

  • Overview of Dr. Edward Bach's healing system
  • History and Legacy of Dr. Edward Bach
  • In-depth exploration of each of the 38 remedies
  • Learning how to select and use Bach Flower Remedies effectively
  • Detailed study of the renowned Rescue Remedy and its uses
  • Identifying personal emotional imbalances and selecting remedies accordingly
  • Integrating Bach Flower Remedies into daily life and routines     
  • Applying remedies for emotional well-being and balance of family members
  • Creating a customized mix of Bach Flower Remedies for self-care
  • Learning effective tools and strategies for enhanced parenting experience.
  • Sharing Perspectives: Benefit from diverse viewpoints and experiences shared by other participants, gaining new insights and broadening your understanding of Bach Flower Remedies.

How does this work?

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Lear to help and support your loved ones in coping with feelings of loneliness, frustration, fears, and anxiety. 

Identify and understand the root causes of your emotional challenges.

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Kavita D, Parent of Autistic child

Thanks for following up. Yes, giving him remedies. Not so notable improvement bt he is improving in his daily routine आणि थोडासा Confidence वाढल्यासारखा वाटतो आहे 

Sangeeta, Parent of learning difficulty child

My Son has improved on completing the tasks. I could observe improvement in his patience of writing Exam paper. Also  I am able to better manage him, remedies are helping me. 

Parent of Autistic child having aggression issues 

Discover the tools and steps to manage educational and developmental stress

 for your child, helping them progress in life with a sense of peace

INR 8,499/- INR 6,999/-
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