Experience our exclusive Counseling Services, tailor-made for you after a Bach consultation with us. As an additional support to your Bach Flower Remedies journey, Anagha extends her counseling expertise to assist you further. With a starting charge of Rs.750/- for a 45-minute session, you'll have access to a safe and nurturing space to explore your emotions, thoughts, and personal growth.

 INR 750/- onwards 

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Benefits of Counseling

Emotional Support in a Safe Space

Counseling brings many good things to people's lives. It gives emotional support in a safe and private place, where they can share their feelings and thoughts freely. This support is especially important during tough times when they need someone to listen and understand their problems.

Crucial Help During Difficult Times

Counseling equips clients with essential coping skills, empowering them to handle life's challenges more effectively. By learning healthier coping mechanisms and strategies, individuals can navigate stressors with greater resilience and confidence.

Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Counseling fosters self-discovery and insight. Clients are encouraged to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and their motivations. This self-awareness can pave the way for personal growth and positive changes.

Strengthening Communication and Building Better Relationships 

Counseling positively impacts communication and relationships. It enhances clients' communication skills, leading to healthier interactions with others and improved relationships. Conflicts are addressed, and mutual understanding is cultivated, resulting in stronger and more fulfilling connections with loved ones.

In moments of overwhelming emotional challenges, when intensity and frequency become too much to bear, Anagha prioritizes your well-being and doesn't hesitate to refer or get in touch with a clinical psychologist of your choice. We are committed to offering the best support and assistance to help you navigate through difficult times.

Anagha also suggests taking Bach Remedies in parallel, but we respect your decision in this matter. Whether you choose to continue taking them or discontinue, your preferences are essential to us, and we value your role in managing your well-being effectively. Be assured that we are here to support you in whichever path you choose.